The PDC Building’s PDC Cafe temporarily closed Nov. 21.

According to Joyce Weston, a representative from Properties Management Company, which manages the PDC Building, the cafe is closing temporarily due to a change in leadership. She added the management company is working on reopening it mid-December or the first week of January 2020.

“We have some ‘irons in the fire’ and it is hopeful we will be able to continue with just a few weeks in between,” Weston said in an email.

She also said the management company had a “wonderful time” working with the previous owners and are “sad to see them leave.”

“But no one ever knows what the future holds or if your paths will cross again,” she said. “Either way, we are both hopeful and confident of a continuation of the cafe.”

PDC Cafe is at 3659 S. Green Road in Beachwood.

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