Perry's Cleveland ice cream

Perry’s Ice Cream Company Inc., a Great Lakes regional brand, has announced a new ice cream flavor, “Doughing, Doughing, Gone!,” in partnership with the Cleveland Indians.

According to a news release, this is the first official co-branded Cleveland Indians premium ice cream flavor. It is made up of chocolate cookie dough ice cream with crushed cookie swirls and cookie dough pieces. Sold in a 1.5-quart package, it features a special letter to fans, calling out memories of the team’s history.

“We’re thrilled to join the ‘Big Leagues’ through this partnership with the Cleveland Indians,” Robert Denning, president and CEO of Perry’s Ice Cream, said in the release. “As Perry’s continues to broaden our expansion in Ohio, this is an exciting opportunity for us to bring Tribe fans their first, very own ice cream flavor. Moreover, we are pleased to see a portion of the sales of Doughing, Doughing, Gone! benefit Cleveland Indians Charities. By making a purchase, Cleveland fans can directly impact many valuable community programs, youth organizations, and non-for-profits.”

With every purchase of this flavor, five cents will be donated to Cleveland Indians Charities.

Doughing, Doughing, Gone! is available for purchase at Progressive Field, Giant Eagle, other local retailers and ice cream stands in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, or visit to find a location. The flavor will also be available online for consumer purchase and shipping across the continental U.S. at

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