Pub Frato

Pub Frato, located at 7548 Fredle Drive in Concord Township, is opening in Chagrin Falls in the former Grove Hill space, which closed in 2018.

With a projected late spring opening, the gastro pub offers items like soft pretzels, truffle fries, poutine, stuffed peppers, short rib pierogies, pub burgers, buffalo chicken sandwiches, tacos and Beyond Burgers, which feature a plant-based patty. An onsite chef will work with company chef Maggie Demko to prepare the menu.

By opening, there will be space for 150 guests at high-tops, low-tops and the bar. There are also plans to install garage doors and to add a patio, according to other media reports.

Pub Frato will be at 25 Pleasant Drive.

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