StoneWater Golf Club is offering a carryout Chanukah dinner, available for curbside pickup from Dec. 9 to Dec. 18.

For $125, the dinner package serves up to four and includes the following: 2 quarts of matzo ball soup featuring four matzo balls, 2 pounds of sliced brisket with au jus, roasted winter vegetables, eight potato latkes, a half pint of sour cream and a half pint of apple sauce, four noodle kugel squares and a dozen gelt cookies.

All orders need to be placed by Dec. 4. Later orders will try and be accommodated, but can’t be guaranteed. Orders will be cold at the time of pick-up and will include reheating instructions.

“Our chef curated Hanukkah menu includes a blend of traditional and modern flavors to provide family and friends with a memorable meal,” said Whitney Neidus, general manager of StoneWater, in a news release. “This year has been hard enough, take the stress out of Hanukkah with our curbside carryout, designed to make your holiday entertaining simple and delicious.”

StoneWater Golf Club is at 1 Club Drive in Highland Heights.

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