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The Winking Lizard at 25800 Central Parkway in Beachwood will expand its patio and parking area after the Beachwood planning and zoning commission approved the plans Jan. 28, subject to the comments of the city’s engineer.

Owned by James A. Callum, the request calls to expand the patio to add additional seating for the patio for the summer, “planning ahead to make sure we can satisfy the current needs for the big demand for people who would rather sit outdoors than indoors,” Callum said at the meeting.

The patio extension will take up four parking spots, which will be relocated to the front of the building and be marked for handicapped guests. There are two spots in the parking lot made of river stones, which will also be removed to make room for more parking, according to the plans.

The patio addition will make room for about 20 patrons.

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