Zack Bruell restaurant week

Zack Bruell Restaurant Group’s 2021 Restaurant Week will conclude on Feb. 7.

Customers can purchase three-course dinners for $33 per person at participating restaurants, available for safe in-house dining or curbside pickup. Additionally, there are supplemental “sommelier selected” wine pairings for $25 per person for in-house dining. For curbside orders, one retail bottle of wine will be an additional $25 for each meal.

Meals offered are new concepts only available during restaurant week.

The restaurants are Parallax at 2179 W. 11 St.; L’Albatros at 11401 Bellflower Road; and Table 45, 9801 Carnegie Ave., all in Cleveland.

For more information and menus, visit for Parallax, and for L’Albatros.

Visit for more information on Table 45.

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