Yiddish june 28

Vald (Vahld)

Meaning: forest

• “Shpatsir In Vald/A Walk In The Forest” – title of song from album, “The Lost Songs of WWII” by a Canadian musical group featuring the work “of folklorists in the Soviet Union who risked their lives collecting songs from Jewish Red Army soldiers, Jewish refugees, victims and survivors of Ukrainian ghettos, as told by a band of virtuoso musicians.”(bit.ly/2NeE7iq)

• “In Vilden Vald” – A Yiddish “lid” (song) from pre-WWII Romania, telling “the story of a lost lamb in the harsh wilderness, searching for its mother and home. The song’s verses equate the lamb with the Jewish people and their enduring quest for tranquility in the Land of Israel,” re-recorded in memory of Rachel Tessler, an Auschwitz survivor, by her grandson Aaron Tessler. (bit.ly/2X6NqoY)

•“Farfeln der vald far der beymer/Missing the forest for the trees,” “In vald iz zikherkayt/In the forest there is safety.” (Holocaust saying)

Shaker Heights resident Harold Ticktin prepares “Yiddish Vinkl” for the Cleveland Jewish News.

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