Yiddish Vinkl for Aug. 16

Eigen (EYE-gn)

Meaning: eyes

• “A shtik fleish mit tzvei eigen / A piece of meat with two eyes (insult).” (bit.ly/2YFxQBK)

• “Der mensch hot zwei eigen, zwei eihren, ober nor ein moil. / Man has two eyes, two ears, but only one mouth. Because you will learn twice as much as what you will ever have to say.” (“Yiddish Proverbs, Sayings, Etc., in St. Louis, MO” by Leah Rachel Yoffie; bit.ly/2yQYGaA)

• “Ich hob nor eigen far dir/ I only have eyes for you,” (American song)

Shaker Heights resident Harold Ticktin prepares “Yiddish Vinkl” for the Cleveland Jewish News.

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