Yiddish Vinkl for October 8

Chlum (CHUHL-m with guttural CH)

Meaning: dream

• “Ale beyze chlumut tsu dayn kop / May all the possible bad dreams stuff your head” (Lita Epstein, “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Say It in Yiddish: The Book of Yiddish Insults and Curses,” Kensington Publishing Corp., March 1, 2012)

• (Words spoken V-E Day, May 9, 1945) “Itst a Yid chlum fun a Yom Kippur on Fascitn / Now a Jew can dream on Yom Kipper without Fascists.”

• “Chlumut in Yiddish”/ Dreaming in Yiddish” – an annual award and New York concert in memory of the renowned Yiddish singer and activist, Adrienne Cooper, that “supports artists as they embark on the timeless, boundless, utterly unexpected adventure of working in Yiddish.” (bit.ly/39VbFdK)

• (Quote by Sholem Aleichem) “Lebn iz a chlum far di klug, a shpil far di nar, a komedye far di raykh, a tragedye far di orem / Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.”

Shaker Heights resident Harold Ticktin prepares “Yiddish Vinkl” for the Cleveland Jewish News.

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