Yiddish Vinkl for October 4

Tchotchke (CHACH-kuh)

Meaning: a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket; now in English usage

• “If you are having trouble identifying a tchotchke, just look around your house or someone else’s and whatever you see that a burgler wouldn’t steal is probably a tchotchke.”(bit.ly/2o4qIgz)

• “Fittingly for a feminist hero, another wall is devoted to Wonder Woman memorabilia and an end table is covered in Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg-themed books and tchotchkes.” (From profile in The New York Times of lead actress of TV show, “Law and Order SUV.” nyti.ms/2mBGMG7)

• “Accessories should be larger in scale whether it’s a table-top piece or wall art. No more teeny, tiny tchotchkes lying around with the only purpose of collecting dust.” (“Katelyn Gilmour creates livable, easy-to-maintain spaces for busy Silicon Valley clients,” The Mercury News, July 2, 2019)

Shaker Heights resident Harold Ticktin prepares “Yiddish Vinkl” for the Cleveland Jewish News.

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