Beachwood Family Aquatic Center

Thousands of people enjoy the Beachwood Family Aquatic Center, which provides a waterpark experience, every summer.

Though Beachwood takes up little more than 5 square miles of land, many options for outdoor activities exist for its residents. As they say, good things can come in small packages.

Be it restaurants, shopping, park access or public programming, Karen Carmen, community services director at the city of Beachwood, residents also have plenty from which to choose when it comes to spending time outside.

“Our amenities are perfect, as far as things like the Beachwood Family Aquatic Center, which is a wonderful facility,” she said. “We try to make it close to a country club setting in a public arena. We pay very close attention to the details. Right next to that is a wonderful playground for little ones up to age 12. So, it’s a one-stop place for citizens, where it can serve a lot of different family members.”

Adding that Beachwood City Park East and West is right down the street, Carmen said residents can also expect the Barkwood dog park to open later this summer. The park will be a fully turfed area, with separate spaces for smaller and larger dogs.

In addition to facilities, Carmen noted the public tennis courts next to the aquatic center. The courts, two of which double as dedicated pickleball courts, are free to residents.

All of those outdoor options – and others – serve to bring the community together, Carmen said.

“It’s a fun time for people to be able to just mingle,” she said. “Also, it’s one of those opportunities where you can bring family members and friends from other communities to take advantage of what we have here. It showcases the city and helps promote it in a different way than people think. It’s not just shopping and health care.”

Having so many options encourages residents to get outside, Carmen added.

“We want, as Clevelanders, to take advantage of the finite warm weather opportunities here,” she said. “You owe it to yourself to find something to do outside. It’s about getting people out and about and experiencing something out of their norm.”

Carmen added since the community is so small, it’s not unusual for residents to have friends in neighboring communities. Outdoor opportunities allow them to connect outside of those relationships.

No matter the community, Carmen said it’s a city’s responsibility to offer outdoor opportunities.

“Overall, a city is responsible for the environment that we create,” she said. “If we have a playground, it should be the best possible playground, etc. And we all subscribe to that philosophy. Beachwood residents respect that, and hopefully, we deliver on that promise. Personally, we like to exceed those expectations. It’s all about connecting and having the opportunity to connect with someone. You just have to keep planting those seeds and hoping something grows.”

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