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Lindsey, Kathryn and Whitney Neidus are the owners of StoneWater Golf Club in Highland Heights. Lindsey, the middle sibling, is in charge of the golf club’s public relations and marketing. Kathryn, the youngest, is an executive chef at the club and oversees the back of house. Whitney, the oldest, manages events and front of house.

The phrase “blood is thicker than water” exists for a reason. The bond a family shares is irreplaceable and robust.

There are few better examples of this powerful relationship than the Neidus sisters.

In 2015, Whitney, Lindsey and Kathryn Neidus – who grew up in Gates Mills – purchased golf club and events venue StoneWater in Highland Heights. Six years later, the sisters have created an empire extending beyond golf.

StoneWater spans 180 acres, featuring an 18-hole golf course, the Rustic Grill Restaurant, The Yard outdoor bar, custom club fitting facility the Linksman House, event venue The Venue and event planning team, and a catering business.

Whitney Neidus, StoneWater’s general manager and head of its events business, outlined StoneWater’s past, present and future in a one on one interview with the Cleveland Jewish News. This interview has been edited for brevity.

CJN: What have these six years at StoneWater been like?

Neidus: We have grown so much. We have things that we want to accomplish at StoneWater, and we have been checking them off the list year to year, whether that means building our golf membership program – that’s up; executing more events a year – that’s up; whether it’s weddings, private events or corporate events – that’s up. Golf outings, we are at capacity this year. Our restaurant’s sales, growth and traffic continue to rise. We also added new things, like The Yard and the Linksman House.

CJN: How is everything picking up now that the COVID-19 pandemic has eased up a bit?

Neidus: The feeling is that people want to get out. Wedding sizes are back to normal. Golf outings, everybody wants to get out, so those numbers are higher than in years past. Restaurants, people are finally ready to venture out. Everything feels like it’s booming at the moment.

CJN: How do you see StoneWater competing with other event locations?

Neidus: Being three sisters, working together daily and having a core team is really important. Our staff is our biggest asset. Our team is phenomenal and they’re dedicated. That really helps with moving forward and continuing to grow.

Because we are sisters, we’re super transparent with each other. We’re always learning from each other, we’re tossing ideas off of each other.

One of the pros of being on this particular space is we have so much land, so we can continue to grow and do new things, which a lot of places can’t do.

CJN: What do you see for the future of StoneWater?

Neidus: The future is exciting, and I know internally, we’ve talked about doing some more things. It’s just staying tuned and seeing what these sisters are going to do. There are a lot of things in the works that hopefully we’ll accomplish here in the next few years.

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