Many people see summer as the ideal season to be active.

But how can people, especially children, keep up that same level of activity in the winter when the weather often relegates people to stay indoors?

Bre Ganuelas, manager of marketing and communications for Girl Scouts of North East Ohio in Macedonia, and Jamie Haggerty, general manager of Adrenaline Monkey in Warrensville Heights, said there are many ways that children and parents can stay active during the winter.

For most of the year, Adrenaline Monkey offers camps for children 5 to 12 years old. It continues to offer day camps through winter break, and, according to Haggerty, anytime there’s no school.

In addition to the day camp, Haggerty said families who also have time off during holiday break and want to do something with the entire family can join in its programs and enjoy the Adrenaline Monkey facility.

“A few of the programs Girl Scouts of North East Ohio is offering, exclusively for Girl Scouts, include Intro to Micro:Bit, StarLAB: Stories from Around the World, Toy Adaptation Workshop, and Dancing Wheels Presents: Walking on Clouds/Rosa Parks,” Ganuelas said.

Ganuelas added girls in kindergarten through 12th grade can become a Girl Scout now to participate in winter activities and more.

Haggerty said it is proven that exercise stimulates mental capacity and overall health, especially through COVID-19. She said she believes that people naturally slow down in the winter because it’s cold and dark. Therefore, she said, continuing that level of activity is more important this time of year because of the holidays, the travel and that general lack of exercise. Adrenaline Monkey offers year-round programs. Haggerty said, especially when people need it the most, Adrenaline Monkey tries to motivate people to stay active through the holiday season and into the new year.

“Too often, people focus on Jan. 1 as the day to start their program and routine, and there’s no need for that,” Haggerty said. “It should be an ongoing thing and it has to become part of your lifestyle, your daily routines for your mental clarity and your physical health.”

Adrenaline Monkey also offers Ninja Warrior classes year round. Haggerty said if children are looking to get to the next level, or try a new sport to cross train for their sport, their facility offers training classes for children and adults. This is a more structured program that’s focused around developing an individual in the sport of ninja as opposed to just coming for free play on the facility’s courses.

“You’re working with a coach or trainer and a set curriculum to make sure that you cover all ofthe different categories that it takes to become a ninja warrior,” Haggerty said.

Haggerty suggested using any outside time you can get, whether it be sunnier and warmer days, or even snowy days. She said there is nothing wrong with sledding or skiing if that’s a hobby, or bundling up and taking a family walk.

“If your children are in a different program or a different sport, work with them,” Haggerty said. “Maybe you can shoot hoops or find some indoor space to cross train. Any type of movement is good. There’s no boundary on movement. As long as you get your body moving, that’s important for the whole family.”

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