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At the end of 2019, Minc Law launched its digital risk protection service aimed at monitoring and remediating virtual threats for its clients.

Aaron Minc, president and founder of Minc Law in Orange, said the online defamation firm had been exploring ways to further expand into the modern space. With the help of his partner for this venture, David Toth, an independent marketing contractor with the firm and a marketing consultant with Winding River Consulting, it aims to offer peace of mind in an era where online harassment is prevalent.

“People get harmed and harassed online, or have their image out there or whatever it is, and they want some sort of sense of security,” Minc said. “It is the same way you set up an alarm for your house or your car. If there is a breach or risk, it alerts you. At least in my mind, those that have been harmed and affected by this, a lot of them are looking for a solution where they’re getting the same type of service – kind of like an alarm for the internet.”

After a conversation with a company called ZeroFOX, which is a technology platform that services organizations or public figures with security risks, the digital risk protection service was born.

ZeroFOX provides technology support to the service, while Minc Law provides the legal expertise in a manner that “is more white glove and hands-on, where we customize it to the risks our customers are facing,” Minc said.

“A lot of the good options for this may cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ones that don’t aren’t very good,” he said. “So, this wound up being a really good partnership. I found ZeroFOX and they also saw we weren’t their typical partner either. But, when they explained what they did, I thought if I could tailor that from an enterprise to an individual solution, a lot of my clients would be interested in it. They agreed.”

As the pandemic caused shutdowns across the country in March 2020, it also brought about operational issues in the new practice causing the service to have to “reset” in July. By the end of 2020, there were 40 users.

“Not only are you trying to start a new business during any regular time, but with the usage of the internet becoming so much more prevalent, everyone is starting to have more concerns and hear more stories about people getting attacked or threats occurring,” Toth said. “We found those pain points have changed a little bit than what we initially thought when launching.”

Toth added as needs continued to evolve throughout the pandemic, the need for this type of service to exist grew just as much.

“As clients’ needs evolved, we needed to evolve with them,” he explained. “People are starting to see their virtual world collide with their physical world. The way things can grow online today is much more exponential as well. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the internet is a really big place and things are not just going to Google. It is really about diving into all of these sources and monitoring them to come up with a strategic way to go beyond something like Google Alerts.”

As one of the only firms that specializes in online defamation, Minc said the addition of the new service further sets them apart as an industry leader.

“We’re the only law firm in the world that offers digital risk protection services on top of legal services in an already very unique and well-defined niche area,” he stated. “You’re pretty much alone in any way on a national level. So, this definitely sets us apart.”

Toth added, “A lot of services today only do the monitoring and identifying part. But we’re able to assess the issues and threats and determine if they are viable, if we need to take action and how we do that. I would say that is truly one of the things that no one else can do in this space. That has made our clients comfortable with it. They have a reliable source they can reach at any point to find out if what has happened is good, bad and everything in between.”

Publisher’s note: Aaron Minc is a member of the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company Board of Directors.

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