Ami Zukowsky was born and raised in Ohio. But after high school, he went overseas for 18 months and spent time in Israel before returning to the United States.

It is this experience in Israel, as well as events that happened in his personal life, he said, that influenced him to be the kind of attorney he is today.

The phrase, “tzedek, tzedek tirdof” in Deuteronomy 16:20 is one of his inspirations for his work. In English, this translates to “justice, justice shall you pursue.”

CJN: How has your Jewish heritage influenced you in your law career?

Zukowsky: It is the background of how I conduct myself. It is the quest for justice that motivates me to do my job. It says in the Torah, there’s a line that says “justice, justice shall you pursue.” The question is, “why do they write justice twice?” The answer that I’ve always enjoyed is that they wrote justice twice because you have to pursue justice in a just manner. That has always spoken to me.

CJN: What was it like to spend 18 months overseas after graduating high school?

Zukowsky: It was really interesting. It was right after the second intifada. So everyone was a little bit on edge in the country but it was incredibly rewarding. I was able to immerse myself in classical Jewish text, spend a great deal of time interacting with Israelis and learning the language, and I made tremendous friendships.

CJN: What made you want to work in this particular field of law?

Zukowsky: I am a child of divorce, and I never experienced a lot of the turmoil that similarly situated children experienced. I would hear from classmates and other friends about the fighting, screaming, fear and sadness, and how their parents weren’t speaking with them or engaging with them. And that was not at all my experience. I thought my parents handled it incredibly well in shielding, protecting and guiding me and my siblings. That’s what really turned me into my work: wanting to provide that experience to other children

CJN: What is the best part of the job?

Zukowsky: The sincere thanks that comes from past clients well after I have finished working for them. Down the line, they are just thinking about their life and they come to the realization that, “Hey, that guy did a pretty good job. I’d like to thank him.”

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