Gary A. Zwick, a partner attorney at Walter Haverfield LLP in Cleveland who specializes in general tax practice, is also a certified public accountant who served in public accounting for 21 years prior to joining his law firm.

An expert on all things taxes, Zwick regularly performs tax planning for closely-held and family businesses and their owners, and high net worth individuals. Zwick also specializes in estate planning, retirement planning, business and individual taxation, subchapters C and S, mergers and acquisitions, employee benefits and Internal Revenue Service, tax court practice and controversy work. He also does criminal taxation. A tax and financial planning writer, speaker and professor, Zwick’s experience in his specialization spans decades. 

CJN: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Zwick: A professional baseball player. That’s what every Jewish boy wants.

CJN: What inspired you to enter law?

Zwick: I couldn’t get a job in public accounting until I had a law degree.

CJN: Why did you want to focus on general tax practice?

Zwick: It’s the only skill I have.

CJN: How do you work with your clients to assist them in the best way possible that’s unique to them?

Zwick: I combine my public accounting experience with my legal tax knowledge to work with entrepreneurial clients to accomplish their tax and family wealth transfer goals.

CJN: What is your most frequently given piece of legal advice?

Zwick: Transfer assets down to younger generations as early as you can.

CJN: What are you most proud of in your work?

Zwick: My reputation.

CJN: What kind of cases do you enjoy most?

Zwick: Federal tax cases in controversy with the IRS. It is intellectually stimulating and very important to the client you represent.

CJN: What Jewish values do you use in your work?

Zwick: Honesty and practicality.

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