As a partner practicing medical malpractice and liability law at Reminger in Cleveland, Marc W. Groedel has experience defending hospitals and physicians that are being sued for medical negligence. Throughout his career, he’s also represented other professionals, including attorneys, accountants, real estate agents and insurance brokers.

“There is this family joke that I am the family doctor because I am the one who always gets called to answer questions,” Groedel said.

CJN: How did you choose your practice area?

Groedel: I fell into it by accident. When I started at Reminger, I was working in a couple of different areas. The firm historically had a very strong medical malpractice practice, and they were getting very busy and developed a need for other attorneys to start handling cases. As a young lawyer, I started assisting senior attorneys. But over time, I began to develop my caseload. I think what attracted me to the area was the dual challenge. Each of these cases presents itself with different challenges, so I found it fascinating.

CJN: What was the turning point of your career?

Groedel: It was when I joined Reminger. During my first two years out of school working at that smaller firm, I wasn’t enjoying it and I knew I didn’t have a future there. I was almost thinking of leaving the profession and trying something else. Just by pure dumb luck, I happened to bump into a former classmate who was working for Reminger. He mentioned they had a slot open. For reasons I can’t understand, it took me a whole day to realize I could be that person. So, I spent a whole day interviewing. It didn’t take much for me to recognize that Reminger is an amazing firm and that it was where I needed to be.

CJN: How does your job impact you?

Groedel: When you handle cases like this, you’re coming into contact with people who have either been badly injured or have lost loved ones every day. When you’re sitting across a table from these people, I developed a greater feeling of empathy for them, regardless if I thought their case had merit or not. It made me realize early on the dumb luck and good fortune I’ve had with my career, health and family.

CJN: Do you find yourself emulating Jewish values?

Groedel: As they say in the Torah, all humans descend from Adam. We’re all created equal so that is one of the values I try to incorporate into my work, whether at the office, with adversaries or my litigants. I try to make a point to treat people with respect and kindness. Sometimes being kind is more important than being right.

CJN: Looking to the future, what excites you the most?

Groedel: I’m on the back nine of my career. But, I still love my work and still have a lot of energy. I enjoy the process, challenges and camaraderie of my firm. I’ve made some tremendous, long-lasting friendships with many partners. That said, retirement is only a few years down the road. I’m looking forward to the free time, but I know I will sorely miss my Reminger family. It’s a mixed blessing.

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