Stephen Kadish has had a long and storied career practicing tax law in Northeast Ohio.

Representing doctors, dentists, lawyers and business people in various matters, including tax advice, Kadish’s practice centers around tax, business, estate planning and business succession matters. For more than 30 years, he has lectured at numerous tax and accounting seminars, including ALI-ABA seminars and statewide CPA institutes, providing annual updates on federal tax cases and law changes. He has also been published in several law reviews and tax-related journals, including the Journal of Taxation Investments, The Practical Lawyer and the Case Western Reserve Law Review.

CJN: How did you choose your practice area?

Kadish: When I was finishing law school at Columbia, I had done well in my tax and business courses so I successfully applied for a clerking position at the U.S. Tax Court. I haven’t looked back since.

CJN: What do you think was the turning point of your career?

Kadish: I was recruited while in Washington, D.C., to work for Burke, Haber & Berick. The mentoring I got while practicing at that firm was invaluable. They were excellent lawyers, great people and even better mentors. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work in a firm for the first time. And then 10 years later, I had another turning point – starting my firm, Kadish & Krantz, alongside Byron Krantz in 1975.

CJN: In what way has your career as a lawyer shaped you?

Kadish: I’ve been able to apply the tax law, help people solve problems and help shape opportunities that they had in ways that have been meaningful. I think the law is largely about helping people, and helping people navigate the inevitable complexities of the tax law.

CJN: Has anything surprised you throughout your law career?

Kadish: The camaraderie of tax lawyers and CPAs in this town has always been incredible. There isn’t a level of competitiveness, it’s about cooperation and mutual respect of your peers.

CJN: Do you find yourself emulating Jewish values within your work?

Kadish: It parallels most everything I do. It underpins it. Integrity is a big thing for me, as well as loyalty. I strive to live those values everyday.

CJN: What are you looking forward to as you continue to practice law?

Kadish: Continuing to help people is a big one for me, as well as working with my son, Matt, who also practices tax law at Frantz Ward. I’m also looking forward to continuing my law journey with my Frantz Ward family.

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