The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage recently received $100,000 from law firm Dworken & Bernstein to support its mission to fight hate in all forms through anti-bias education. 

“Hate is the most dangerous disease affecting humankind and addressing and stopping ‘hate’ is the most vital of all issues we all need to confront,” Irving Rosner, partner at Dworken & Bernstein, said in a news release. 

He said both he and his wife are children of Holocaust survivors and see the issue on a personal level, further noting the issue should be personal to all of humankind. 

“We all need to be vigilant, speak up and support all victims of hate,” he said.

The donation generated from a doctrine known as cy pres, which the firm uses to redirect unclaimed funds to support the need of the community and hundreds of charities and causes.  

Past causes the firm supported addressed issues such as poverty, hunger, homelessness and opioid abuse, according to the release. The firm added the Maltz Museum to its list of beneficiaries.

“The Maltz Museum is a community treasure and offers an optimal vehicle for education on the dire consequences of ‘hate,’” Rosner said. “History teaches valuable lessons that everyone needs to be mindful of. The funds are to be focused on further education of our youth using the Maltz Museum as a vehicle. Dworken & Bernstein looks forward to its alliance with the Maltz Museum in dealing with these societal issues.” 

As many as 30,000 visitors experience Jewish history, culture and tradition through the Maltz Museum and about one-third of those visitors are students, according to the release.

“We look to our past so we can understand the present and create a better future,” said David Schafer, the Maltz Museum’s managing director, said in the release. “Today, students are confronted with and are fighting against issues like racism, ableism, homophobia, xenophobia and more. We are so grateful to Dworken & Bernstein for their generous distribution so these students can know they are not alone.”

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