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As people spend more time indoors, many find themselves doing more household cleaning.

With traditions like spring cleaning upon us, Adam Hood, president of Perfect Power Wash in Norton, said cleaning rituals should also occur outside of the home even as many people don’t leave the comfort of their couch during the pandemic.

“In our opinion, clean starts outside,” he said. “We’re spending a lot of time cleaning tables, chairs and doorknobs that a lot of people forget to clean the biggest surface of their house, which is the outside of it. Our passion is to keep the community clean and that’s why we’re really excited to provide our services at a time like this. There is really no other time in history where people are spending so much time at home and you want to make sure the outside is just as clean as the inside.”

As a power washing business, Hood said the reason why home owners should be keen for a deep clean lies in taking care of your investments.

“The normal value of these services still remain, which is protecting your main investment in life – your home,” he explained. “Anything from algae to surface contaminants, if left untreated, it can lead to premature replacement. With the mailbox, walkways and outside doorknobs, most people don’t even consider those areas when they’re doing their regular sanitation routines.”

Hood explained people tend to do these types of deep cleans on a yearly basis, but it can be done more frequently than that even if the home doesn’t look dirty.

“Simply put, once you can see those contaminants, the damage is already starting,” he said. “Typically, these surfaces are a lot dirtier than what you can see. Also, everyone does relieve some anxiety when thing are clean. I know when I clean my house and finally get a chance to sit down, you feel it. The same thing goes with the outside of the home. When you pull into the driveway and see a shiny house that looks as good as it can, it just feels good.”

Along with a deep clean to the outside of the home, Hood suggested other projects to keep spruce the property up.

“We can also do roof treatments, concrete washing and sealing, and deck and patio washing,” he said. “People should also venture outside to mulch the flower beds. That is a great project to do as far as landscaping is concerned, especially after having a power wash. That gets everything nice and clean and ready to go. Once you’ve done that, the house is looking beautiful and is something you can be proud of. If we’re stuck at home, what better way to spend that time feeling good in a clean space.”

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