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Harland Diamond, CEO of Executive Caterers at Landerhaven and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, listens as former U.S. Senator George V. Voinovich speaks at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven on Nov. 18, 2015, during the inaugural Cleveland Jewish News Difference Makers event.

The first time Mayfield Heights Mayor Anthony DiCicco met Harlan Diamond, it was at DiCicco and Sons Funeral Home in Mayfield Heights 20 years ago.

Not yet mayor of the city, DiCicco introduced himself to Diamond after immediately recognizing him, and the two talked shop.

“We started talking about business, his business, our business and the importance of maintaining good business in Mayfield Heights,” DiCicco said. “He was just very gracious and so down to earth.”

Now, as Diamond’s occupational chapter comes to a close, DiCicco looks back on Diamond’s impact on the city, where Executive Caterers has been housed in Landerhaven since 1985.

“Harlan has always run a first-class operation that I think the reputation rubs off on the rest of Mayfield Heights,” DiCicco said. “He’s always been a very generous person helping the city whenever he can. He’s classed the place up, I’d say.”

DiCicco said Diamond would allow the city’s blood drives and Mayfield City Schools to use Landerhaven on top of the countless other events held in the space.

“To have that type of facility that has first-class events, first-class people working there and first-class people running the whole operation makes it such a great asset to the city,” DiCicco said.

Through their years working together to strengthen Mayfield Heights, DiCicco gained more and more insight behind the dedicated entrepreneur.

“He’s generous and very willing to put himself out there to help whenever he’s needed,” DiCicco said. “He’s just a solid business owner who you love to have in your city.”

Diamond’s retirement surprised DiCicco knowing how much Diamond loved to work, but despite his feelings of sadness, DiCicco hopes Diamond has a fruitful retirement.

“We’ll miss him, that’s for sure,” DiCicco said. “I can’t believe he’s actually going to retire. I’m not sure how retirement will sit with him, but I wish him well.”

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