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(JTA) – An advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed as incorrect interpretations of an op-ed he wrote, as containing an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

A paragraph in the op-ed published Monday in the Zavtra news website by Sergei Glazyev was said to suggest that Vlofymyr Zelensky, the newly-elected president of Ukraine, who is Jewish, is planning to replace ethnic Russians with Jews from Israel.

The left-leaning Ekho Moskvy Russian news website reported on the op-ed that it suggests that “The new authorities of Ukraine may try to populate the Donbass with Jews.”

This prompted an Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson to call the op-ed “conspiratorial and anti-Semitic.”

But Glazyev on Wednesday rejected this as a politically-motivated misreading, noting that his op-ed did not mention Jews. Other advocates of the op-ed, including at Zavtra, suggested that he meant that the repopulation deal he describes would involve Palestinians.

In the op-ed, Glazyev wrote that Zelensky, along with President Donald Trump and “the far-right forces in Israel” would orchestrate “a massive move to the regions cleared out of the Russian population in the land of the South-Eastern Ukraine by the inhabitants of the Promised Land tired of the permanent war in the Middle East.”

Israeli right-wing politicians have for years been advocating for a programs designed to assist Palestinians, both Arabs with Israeli citizenship and those from the West Bank, to relocate.

In 2017, the right-wing National Union Party unveiled a plan which stated that: “Anyone who is unwilling or unable to relinquish his national aspirations will receive assistance from us to emigrate to one of the Arab countries.”

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