KINK Contemporary Gallery in Cleveland is featuring Detroit-based sustainable artist Jeff Schofield and his exhibition “Seasonal Adjustments” to commemorate Earth Day and World Environment Day through June 5.

The exhibition consists of ecologically themed large scale immersive installations that diverge into performance, video, sculpture and installation art, all made with natural materials and found objects.

The exhibition is sandwiched between Earth Day, that was on April 22, and World Earth Day, declared by the United Nations to be on June 5.

“This ecologically themed exhibition exemplifies our mission to connect artists who have a unique voice and technique to people of all ages and backgrounds,” Anna Young, KINK Contemporary Gallery co-founder said in a news release.

“Schofield’s sustainable artworks are part of the many issues confronting America today, including climate change as well as environmental equality, social justice, women’s rights, political freedom and other concerns. Our contemporary civilization is always evolving and emerging. It requires the participation of culture makers and artists to make visible the invisible aspects of our changing world. Constructive progress within our currently divided society requires effort by everybody including the media and cultural institutions. Especially now, as both artists and society are seeking new ways of making and engaging with art.”

In “Seasonal Adjustments,” Schofield, a trained sculptor and architect, combined three types of his artwork to tell stories of Earth’s greenery and inspire visitors to protect it.

Gallery attendees can take in Schofield’s event-based artworks that use natural materials like burnt tree trunks, salvaged barn wood and invasive plants, and his found-object artworks that feature plastic and metal debris recovered from Cleveland’s urban cityscape.

“I aim to bring the energy of nature inside the gallery, to express the contrast between natural landscapes and human cityscapes,” Schofield said in the news release. “Each artwork’s expression is reduced down to its bare essentials, heightening the tension between the natural and the manufactured. The installations provoke a range of emotions, teetering between sinister and playful, seduction and repulsion, subversion and humor. ‘Seasonal Adjustments’ evokes the acts and remnants of human intrusions upon the earth and the effects of that altered earth upon humanity.”

The gallery, a part of 78th Street Studios, is at 1305 W. 80th St., Suite 103. It is open for visitors on the third Friday of each month and by appointment.

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