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IZZY, a subscription-based streaming platform, has launched and is being called “the Netflix of Israel.”

IZZY puts the magic of Israel on display by celebrating Israeli culture, history, society, people and places through remarkable entertainment and storytelling, according to a news release. Offered are unlimited movies, television shows and documentaries from and about Israel that are available anytime for $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Josh Hoffman, a 30-year-old Los Angeleno immigrant who came to Israel on Birthright who was introduced to Tel Aviv and never left, founded the company.

IZZY is a private, self-funded company and is not affiliated with any political or government organizations. ​

Earlier this month, IZZY debuted the untold story of Iron Dome, Israel’s miraculous missile defense system that was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and funded in large part by the U.S. government in a new documentary series.

Firsthand accounts from those who were on the front lines during the development and creation of the missile defense system, are featured. They include: Ehud Barak​, former Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense; Benny Gantz​, former Chief of General Staff for the Israel Defense Forces; current Israeli Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense; Chanoch Levin​, inventor of Iron Dome, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems; Danny Gold​, lead project manager for Iron Dome, Israel Defense Forces; and Amir Peretz​, former Israeli Minister of Defense.

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