Beachwood City School District unanimously voted to renew Robert P. Hardis’ employment as superintendent at the board of education meeting Sept. 9.

Hardis, who was formerly assistant superintendent of Beachwood schools, was approved as the district’s superintendent succeeding Richard Markwardt in August 2014 ­and began his first five-year term the following summer. ­­

While Hardis’ current contract does not expire until the end of July 2020, school board president Dr. Brian Weiss said. “This is typical of how you do it.”

Decisions regarding these contracts are normally made the summer before their expiration.

“That’s the way it is all over,” Weiss explained. “If a superintendent is not being renewed or has a feeling they’re not being renewed, they’re out looking at this time.”

Not only does this process benefit a superintendent who may not be returning after their current term, it’s also in the schools’ best interest.

“If you had decided not to renew or had decided for whatever reason to look for another superintendent,” Weiss said, “by the time you get to next year ... basically the good ones are gone.”

Hardis could not be reached for comment.

Weiss said the superintendent was involved in a “very collaborative” evaluation process to determine if he should remain in his current role.

This is also typical, Weiss noted.

“We evaluate them and then decide whether it’s a situation where we want to keep him on or whether we part ways,” Weiss said. “The board was unanimously behind him and supports him, and so we moved ahead with negotiating a contract with him.”

Hardis’ next five-year term commences Aug. 1, 2020, and expires July 31, 2025. He will be paid $165,000 per year effective Aug. 1, 2020, which shall be increased by 1.75% annually on each Aug. 1 thereafter during the balance of the duration of the agreement.

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