Pollack Studio at 14427 Cedar Road in South Euclid had one of its windows broken in a car crash for the second time in recent years, according to owner Joe Pollack.

The crash happened the morning of Feb. 19, involving a local Chabad rabbi that visits the shop weekly to remind Pollack to put on his tefillin. According to Pollack, the rabbi said he put his foot on the brake and “it went all the way down to the floor instead.”

“He is a nice man and no one got hurt, so I didn’t call the police,” Pollack said. “The insurance company is already involved so there is going to be a record there. But, I didn’t think calling the police was necessary.”

Pollack said he was in the shop when it happened, but was on the telephone with FedEx trying to track a package he sent to a colleague. Suddenly, he heard an all too familiar sound, recalling the first time his window had been broken from a car crash.

“I was like ‘not again,’ I heard the sound and it was too familiar, so I had a feeling I knew what happened,” he said. “It also happened two or three years earlier to the store directly next to mine, so I know that sound.”

As of Feb. 24, the window hasn’t been fixed yet, but has been boarded up to keep out the cold, Pollack said. His biggest hope is the window gets fixed quickly, as the last time it was broken it took almost four months due to a dispute between insurance companies.

In hopes to bring some humor to the situation, Pollack has also hung a large sign on the board until the window is replaced.

“I hope the rabbi doesn’t get offended, but (the sign says) in big letters ‘Pollack Studio is still open for business but is no longer operating a drive-thru window,’” he said. “It’s going to be 7-by-3 feet, so hopefully people will get a chuckle out of it.”

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