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Rabbi Mendy and Mussie Greenberg, with their 2 month-old daughter, Rachel, are moving to Twinsburg to start the Twinsburg Chabad Jewish Center. 

A Chabad Jewish Center is scheduled to open in Twinsburg and will offer its first services during the High Holy Days. 

Rabbi Mendy Greenberg and his wife, Mussie, will lead the Twinsburg Chabad Jewish Center. They recently relocated from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Solon, and plan to secure a  home in Twinsburg, where the family will both live and hold regular services. 

Rabbi Mendy Greenberg, who also grew up in Solon, said he and his wife always had intended to open a Chabad and heard about and met many young families moving to Twinsburg from other Cleveland-area cities. This will be the first Jewish institution in Twinsburg.

“We knew a lot of new Jewish families from Cleveland were moving over there and there was absolutely no Jewish presence. There is no synagogue, there is nothing there right now,” he said, adding it made “perfect sense” to build a Chabad there. 

The center will be part of the Chabad movement, which seeks to provide Jewish services to Jews of all denominations and specifically those who live in areas where there is little Jewish institutional presence. Chabad also has centers in Beachwood, Lyndhurst, Solon, downtown Cleveland, Westlake and Akron.

Greenberg said, “Every Jew is welcome,” especially those from Twinsburg and surrounding communities, like Aurora, that do not have a Jewish institutional presence. 

According to U.S. Census data, Twinsburg’s estimated population grew from just more than 17,000 in 2000 to 18,877 in 2016.

Greenberg received his rabbinic training from the Central Chabad Rabbinical School in Brooklyn, N.Y., and spent time doing Chabad work worldwide in places that do not have a full-time rabbi nearby. Mussie Greenberg was raised in Detroit and graduated with a teacher’s certificate from the Beis Chanah Teacher’s Seminary in Safed, Israel.

Greenberg’s father, Rabbi Zushe Greenberg, is director of Solon Chabad.

Rabbi Zushe Greenberg said, “The Jewish community in Twinsburg today reminds me of how Solon looked in 1991 when we established Solon Chabad: An influx of young Jewish families moving eastward, and no Jewish institution in the area. I am happy that the growing Jewish population in Twinsburg will have a Jewish presence in their own backyard.”

Greenberg said for the Chabad’s inaugural High Holy Days services, which will take place at the Twinsburg Community Center at 10 a.m. on Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 21) and Yom Kippur (Sept. 30), with children’s services at 11, he aims to attract as many local Jews as possible. 

Those interested in attending can email or call 440-465-2063. 

“Our main goal is to meet every Jew in town, get on the ground, see what is needed in the Jewish community and what will be the best way to go about doing things,” Greenberg said.  

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