When guests visited Landerhaven in Mayfield Heights, the same question consistently popped up: Where is Connor?

Born on Oct. 21, 2008, Connor became the Irish wolfhound of Cleveland, Executive Caterers President Harlan Diamond said. Connor weighed about 185 pounds and stood 44 inches tall. Except when he was on his back legs, then he could look his owner and best friend Diamond in the eyes.

“That dog became the best known dog in the city,” Diamond said. “He was big. He was sweet. He was gentle.”

When Connor died May 10 after putting up a strong fight against cancer, memories of Connor came flooding in over social media reaching more than 33,000 people on Facebook, Diamond said.

While working at the banquet hall, Connor had plenty of responsibilities as Executive Caterers’ ambassador, like greeting anyone who walked in the door, licking faces and, of course, getting as many scratches as possible.

“People who were afraid of dogs would love Connor after meeting him,” Diamond said.

But Connor was a party-animal at heart, getting booked for bar mitzvahs and by brides for receptions, which Diamond promised Connor would be groomed and adorn a tie for the occasion.

Diamond said Irish wolfhounds do not rank high when it comes to intelligence, but Connor was the exception.

“Sometimes when I was standing in the (ballroom), it was packed with people, I’d clap,” Diamond said. “Like Moses crossing the Red Sea, the crowd would move and from the office Connor would come to me.”

Connor was Diamond’s fourth Irish wolfhound, but set the bar for the best dog Diamond owned, and left a legacy at Landerhaven, Diamond said.

“People would pack treats for him,” he said. “All he wanted was to be fed and pet.”

Connor knew everything about Diamond. He knew if Diamond was going to work at Landerhaven, which meant Connor could go too, or if Diamond was going to downtown Cleveland, meaning Connor would stay at home.

Connor died peacefully with his best friend by his side with assistance from his vet leaving a big space to fill.

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