Longtime Mayfield Heights resident David Dwoskin, who took the “brown mustard” available at Cleveland Municipal Stadium and began selling the mustard in retail stores as The Authentic Stadium Mustard, died June 14. He was 77.

According to his son, Darryl Dwoskin – and the back of bottles of The Authentic Stadium Mustard – David Dwoskin’s story starts when he was 10 years old and attended a game at Municipal Stadium. Darryl Dwoskin said David Dwoskin ate three or four hot dogs with his father. 

“And he remembered not the hot dog, but he remembered the mustard,” Darryl Dwoskin said. “And the mustard was called brown mustard, that was just what people called it. So, my dad had that memory with his father. When my father turned 13, his father passed away. So, that was a very special memory to my father, David Dwoskin, to be with his father, Alex Dwoskin and sharing the stadium mustard on the hot dog.”

Darryl Dwoskin said his father, who graduated from Cleveland Heights High School and was inducted into the school’s hall of fame in 2013, went back to Municipal Stadium years later and had the mustard on a hot dog again, and David Dwoskin felt the memories flooding back from his time with his father. So, David Dwoskin registered a trademark for the recipe in 1969 and Darryl Dwoskin said that recipe has not changed in the 50 years The Authentic Stadium Mustard has been available in stores. It’s also available in more than 150 stadiums and arenas. David Dwoskin loved to hear the stories of Clevelanders who longed for the taste of “home” in mustard form.

“Literally, at least two or three emails a day we get of people that have left and want to order (the mustard) and they order it by the case and want to share it with their friends,” Darryl Dwoskin said. “For them, it’s also mustard and memories. It keeps coming back to that. It would put a smile on my dad’s face every time. Even towards the end, I would read my father emails from customers all over the world of how much they loved his product and appreciated what my father began back in 1969. There is no other mustard product on the market, competitor-wise, that they can say they were registered in 1969 other than The Authentic Stadium Mustard. Stadium Mustard is the authentic stadium mustard.”

Darryl Dwoskin said originally, the brown mustard was distributed by Bertman Co. but Bertman didn’t have the original recipe. That came from a plant in Chicago. Darryl Dwoskin said his father at one time had an agreement with Bertman that didn’t work out, but the agreement said he would take on The Authentic Stadium Mustard, which David Dwoskin named, and take it to retail.

“Since he was a kid, it never changed,” said Darryl Dwoskin, adding that the recipe is secret and his father held the rights to the secret recipe. “He loved the fans (of the mustard). My dad was a fan of the fans, he would always say.”

Beyond the mustard, Darryl Dwoskin said his father always put his children first.

“He loved my sister and I more than anything in the world, everything else came second,” Darryl Dwoskin said. “Family and friends were always first and everything else came second. My dad was a man of integrity, honesty and loyalty. ... The way I remember my father, this is what rings true today, is No. 1 in life, always have integrity, always. Always tell the truth, because it’s so easy to tell the truth ... and when you give a person a promise, follow through on it 100% of the time. Don’t just start, but finish it. Finish your promises. So, when I think of my father, I think of a man that when he started something, he finished it and he finished it to the best of his abilities.”

David Dwoskin is survived by his children, Dawn Holdeman (John) and Darryl Dwoskin(Michele) and his sister, Sue Kempner.

Services were held June 16.

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