This pair of earrings was listed on Amazon.com as of Nov. 23. 

Amazon.com is featuring a pair of earrings with swastikas surrounded by six-pointed stars.

The vintage Breccaly 925 Sterling silver earrings are described as a “Chinese Classical Jewelry Charm Gift for Her Temperament” are listed at $18.13 and are shown as having free delivery from Dec. 15 to Jan. 6, 2022.

The swastika, which used to be a sign of good luck in Western Europe, was coopted by the Nazi party as its symbol in the 1930s.

The six-pointed star, known as the magen David or shield of David, is commonly used to indicate Judaism and has since the 17th century.

An Amazon.com spokesman told the Cleveland Jewish News via email the morning of Nov. 23, the company would look into the product, and later around 5 p.m. that day said the company had no comment.

Sometime between the night of Nov. 16 and the morning of Nov. 17, Amazon.com removed from its list of items a wine tumbler that reads, “I said a glass of JUICE not gas the JEWS.” Another online company, Boldomatic SA of Zurich Switzerland removed listings for items reading “Damnit! I said glass of juice not gas the Jews!”

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