Green Road Synagogue rendering

A rendering of what a new Green Road Synagogue could look like from its parking lot. 

A revised plan for a new Green Road Synagogue in Beachwood was approved by Beachwood’s architectural review board March 18.   

Marco Ciccarelli, principal architect at Studio Techne Architects, which represents the synagogue, said the revisions were made to the project due to market costs. 

“Based on economic changes in the construction market where prices are being driven higher, we had to go back and make a series of revisions to the drawings and to the design of the building in order to meet the budget of the client,” he said. 

Major changes include the external material used for the building, which was originally planned to be wood siding and will now be brick. On the inside, revisions were made to interior features to meet the durability of the building while aligning with costs. Cabinetry was also simplified on the inside.

Construction is expected to begin in April.

The building is expected to be 38,000 square feet. The current building is 27,000 square feet spread across three floors.

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