Following an incident last week with an aggressive driver on Interstate 271 northbound, the Pepper Pike Police Department shared reminders on what to do if involved in a road rage situation.

On the afternoon of July 26, Pepper Pike Police Department received and responded to a call of road rage involving an aggressive driver who followed another driver from the Ohio Turnpike to Interstate 271 and fired several gunshots at him, Lt. Jim Colbert told the Cleveland Jewish News Aug. 4.

Police said no one was injured, but one of the rounds struck and flattened the victim’s tire.

Colbert said road rage events seem to be happening more and more around the country, mostly with drivers yelling or making gestures, but this is the second time in the last year that the Pepper Pike police have responded to a road rage incident involving gunshots.

“The best bet is for you to try and remain calm and to not engage with the other driver, trying to avoid eye contact, don’t respond with hand gestures or yelling or any other type of aggressive driving,” Colbert said. “Just try to maintain safe driving habits, and if you feel threatened or concerned for your safety, call 9-1-1 and get the police there as soon as possible.”

If you witness or are involved in an incident of road rage with an aggressive driver, police shared the following tips in an Aug. 4 Facebook post:

• Don’t engage

• Don’t return hand gestures or remarks

• Avoid eye contact

• Keep your seatbelt buckled in case the driver unexpectedly slams on their brakes

• If you are being followed, find the nearest police station and call 9-1-1

• Invest in a low-cost dash camera

“You will see other drivers doing things that are illegal, inconsiderate and even incomprehensible,” the post states. “Don’t respond personally. Most drivers are not thinking about their impact on you; they are just rushed, distracted or upset. Just try to remain calm and courteous behind the wheel and drive safely.”

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