Eyton Senders, who is listed as an owner of Tibor’s Kosher Meats in University Heights, his lawyer and a U.S. Attorney have jointly filed a motion to have a U.S. Marshals Service sale of four homes and a vacant lot in Greater Cleveland, and a house in Los Angeles, as part of a civil forfeiture case Senders is facing.

On Nov. 18, U.S. Judge Christopher A. Boyko ordered the sale.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Henry DeBaggis filed the forfeiture case March 10, related to proceeds from illegal drug trafficking or money laundering it says was run by Senders and Justin Balay. No arrests have been made.

Senders and Balay “and others” are the subject of a major crimes task force investigation regarding interstate drug trafficking and money laundering in the manufacture of THC vape cartridges under the names Dank Vapes and Dankwoods, according to DeBaggis’ March 10 motion for civil forfeiture.

“... Tibor Meats and its business bank account is a conduit to launder money for Senders,” DeBaggis wrote in the March 10 motion.

“Since the time of the filing of the complaint in forfeiture, there have been reports of vagrants, graffiti damage, and weather damage to the properties, resulting in the diminishing value,” the Nov. 12 joint motion reads, adding the U.S. Marshals would deposit the net proceeds into a seized assets deposit fund “pending final disposition of the case.”

The house at 100 Mountain View Drive in Moreland Hills has a mechanic’s lien of $473,582 outstanding to Select Homes of Northeast Ohio that was filed with the Cuyahoga County Recorder’s Office on Nov. 20, 2020.

The house at 952 N. Laurel Ave. in Los Angeles, has a judgment of $601,978.94 plus interest of $153.61 per day starting July 21 owed to David Elliott Builders, Inc. There is a $2,000 sheriff’s sale fee owed to the builders as well, according to the joint motion. In addition, attorney’s fees of $25,635 are owed.

“This order does not affect the rights, claims, or defenses that have been asserted or raised, or that may be asserted or raised, by any of the parties in this proceeding,” Boyko’s Nov. 18 order reads, “and nothing in this joint motion shall be asserted or relied upon by any party as an admission of guilt or of any fact for any purpose in the pending civil forfeiture action, any potential criminal action, or any other legal proceeding.”

In addition to the Los Angeles and Moreland Hills homes, the other properties are 2664 S. Green Road in Shaker Heights; 2104 S. Green Road in South Euclid; 2110 S. Green Road in South Euclid; and a vacant lot on South Green Road in South Euclid.

Multiple attempts to reach Senders’ lawyer, Edmund W. Searby of Searby LLP in Pepper Pike, were unsuccessful.

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