Several white nationalist posters were hung around campus at Miami University in Oxford a couple of weeks ago, prompting university leaders to send out a campus-wide letter condemning the fliers.

The posters were found on campus Nov. 21-22, according to Claire Wagner, director of university news and communications at Miami University.

One poster read, “Not seeing the America you want? Start changing it today!” The flier included an image of a man and a woman holding two young children with menacing-looking hands labeled “feminism,” “LGBTQ,” “globalism” and “BLM” reaching toward them.

Another poster read, “Tired of Anti-White Propaganda in college? You aren’t alone.”

The posters included links to, an alt-right political and cultural blog launched in December 2012. The website produces a weekly podcast called “The Daily Shoah.” It also popularized the use of “echoes,” or triple parentheses around names used to identify Jews on social media websites. The Anti-Defamation League has identified echoes as hate symbols.

Wagner said all of the posters were removed as soon as they were found.

University leaders sent out a letter Nov. 29, stating that the posters promoted “racist, misogynistic and homophobic views and ideas.”

“While we respect a person’s right to free speech, as an academic and intellectual community we must stand united against those who attempt to elevate themselves by degrading others, and must reject bigotry, racism, slurs and hate speech,” the letter reads. “We should all choose to rise above exclusionary rhetoric, rather than respond in reactionary ways that give unwarranted regard to voices of intolerance.”

Jill Teitelbaum, president of Miami Students for Israel, said she didn’t take the posters seriously nor is she concerned about anti-Semitism on campus.

“It has been determined that students were not responsible for posting them, and as such, any threat that was intended by them was made from outside sources, which will be handled by the school,” she said.

The campus-wide letter added that in spring semester, the provost’s office will support a series of workshops organized by faculty that will address the “value, importance and challenges of creating a truly inclusive environment.”

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