Orange Village Council plans to pursue the next steps following a July 2020 resolution it passed denouncing all forms of racism and commitment to being a welcoming community to all people, regardless of race or any other immutable characteristic.

The resolution, signed July 8, 2020, details the village’s strong opposition of racism and bigotry against all people, and aims to hold leaders and citizens accountable for racism, intolerance and unlawful discrimination, denouncing such allegations in “the strongest terms.” It also calls for engagement in “honest, open and corrective dialogue” in all situations to address issues of race and/or inequities.

At a Feb. 10 council meeting, council members, along with Mayor Kathy U. Mulcahy, discussed what the next move could be in the commitment to address racism and social justice.

“This represents the feelings of all of the leaders in Orange Village,” she told the Cleveland Jewish News. “The original resolution came out during an emotional time last year. And I think now that we’ve had time to process that and think about it, we can try to make it be something relevant that we can continue to explore further in our community.”

According to Mulcahy, council members Jud Kline and Staci Vincent will chair the effort to establish the next steps toward denouncing hate and racism in Orange. But as of right now, “it remains to be seen what the next steps are,” she said.

“Two council people were working on an initiative and when we brought it up to the rest of the council, they also realized they wanted to be part of it,” Mulcahy said. “So, we’re starting from that point and approaching it from a group effort. More information will come out in the next few months.”

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Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and Solon also have passed similar resolutions.

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