A man who “threatened to kill” his wife was arrested without incident at a Beachwood home in a domestic dispute Sept. 10 that was reported shortly before 9 p.m. in the 2500 block of Richmond Road, according to a Beachwood police report.

Pepper Pike and University Heights police were called to set up a perimeter around the house in a response that lasted about 90 minutes, according to a Beachwood police incident report. The report also referred to calling in the Eastside Departments Group Enforcement SWAT team.

The man, 59, was arrested for felonious assault with a family gun in the incident.

Beachwood police confiscated three firearms in the arrest: a Taurus Armas handgun, a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver and an American shotgun.

Among the objects broken in the altercation were a mirror, a glass lamp and vases.

“It appeared that the mirror may have been damaged by the barrel of the shotgun due to a round-shaped mark in the center of the mirror,” according to the report.

The victim told police that her husband uses exterior cameras to monitor her activity in the house while he is away. She papered over the cameras while he was on a trip to ride dirt bikes. When he returned home, he told her he thought she had taken down the cameras or destroyed them and called her several derogatory names, according to the report.

She went upstairs in order to avoid further conflict, she told police, and lay down in the guest bedroom.

He was upset to find her sleeping in the guest bedroom and threw a plastic vase of flowers at her, which hit the wall near her, according to the police report. She threw them back at him. After he left the room, she heard him open the door to a closet where he kept his guns. She walked downstairs with her phone and the family dog.

He “pointed the gun at her chest and threatened to kill her,” according to the report.

She grabbed the gun, according to the report, and he then swung the gun, knocked her to the floor and hit her forehead with the butt of the gun.

Following the arrest, the victim was provided with a victim advocate. She also applied for a protection order and told police she was “scared for her life,” according to the report. She refused medical attention.

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