Police respond to man protesting against Israel on Cedar Road

Cari Marder posted this image on Twitter.

A protester carrying a sign that read “Israel is Killing Children Again,” while standing on the sidewalk on Cedar Road outside of Beachwood Place Oct. 22 had left by the time Beachwood police arrived, minutes after they were alerted to his presence.

“Apartheid Isn’t Kosher” was apparently written on the flip side of the sign.

The man returned Oct. 24 and officers who saw him did not approach him after Beachwood police were notified at 5:05 p.m. that day.

“On a sidewalk, we really don’t have any legal authority to stop them,” Beachwood officer Jamey Appell told the Cleveland Jewish News Oct. 25.

Police received a telephone call about the protester

Oct. 22 and received additional photos of the man on Oct. 25. “Obviously, it’s concerning but … they certainly have their constitutional rights,” Appell said.

Appell said he knew of no precipitating events in Israel that might have prompted the man to protest.

Cari Marder posted a photo of the protester on Twitter at 6:41 p.m. Oct. 22 and wrote, “@BeachwoodPolice please remove this guy. Positioning himself in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. He’s only trying to incite hate.”

Two cruisers arrived on scene two to four minutes after Appell called dispatch and the officer in charge at 6:27 p.m. Oct. 22.

Stopantisemitism.org also posted images of the man, Appell said, which he received Oct. 25.

“You hope that people ignore him and just go away because he’s looking for people’s reaction,” Appell said. “I’m sure – like any other person that’s protesting.”

Appell said Beachwood police wanted to assure the man wasn’t walking in the roadway or doing anything illegal.

“The wonderful thing about our country is our freedom of speech, even though I’m sure you and I don’t agree with it. … This is the first time that I’ve really seen something like this,” Appell said. “Besides from the fact that we really can’t, you know, stop them from doing this ... a lot of times people that are doing this are trying to get a response from police. They’re trying to get police to violate their constitutional rights. ... So, obviously we just don’t do that, at least not in Beachwood.”

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