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Subway, a kosher fixture at the Mandel JCC for 13 years, will not reopen when the JCC does.

Michael Hyman, president and CEO of the Mandel JCC, said the Mandel JCC has ended its relationship with franchise holder Ghazi Faddoul for the space across from the entrance at the JCC.

Hyman said the decision came as a result of changing food preferences among the JCC’s members.

“Their food preferences have changed, habits change,” he said. “What they were interested in 10 years ago are not the same as what they’re looking for today.”

He did not explain the process leading up to the decision.

"Once we are back to normal operations at the J, we will be discussing alternatives to what food service will look like in the future,"  Hyman said.

While Subways were at one point inside JCCs across the country, Hyman said Mandel JCCs Subway may have been one of the last.

“If not the last, it was one of the last,” he said.

Whatever food service operator replaces Subway will be under kosher supervision, Hyman said.

He said the decision was not related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This announcement would have been made if we were not shut down,” he said.

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