One chair of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland’s Young Leadership Division’s “Big Event” is hoping to reinvigorate the event with the right atmosphere by hosting it at the House of Blues in Cleveland for the first time Nov. 17. 

Adam Jacobs, co-chair of the event with Emily Danzig, said they went through dozens of venues in Cleveland and House of Blues had the right feel and image to attract the younger generation. The event is targeted toward adults in the YLD age in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Jacobs said he expects more than 400 people to attend the annual signature fundraising event as part of the Federation’s 2019 Campaign for Jewish Needs.

Guest speaker Jonathan Gonsky of Chicago will share how his federation supported him when he was in need as a child. 

“He has a very inspirational, moving story of how the Federation was there in his time of need (and) was able to help him through hardships he had when he was growing up,” Jacobs said. “(Gonsky) really gives a sense of the breadth and how impactful the dollars that we donate can be towards any of our peers and to help support people when they might not even know it.”

Jacobs added the event will be different from previous years as the talk will be shorter. Attendees can learn what the Federation does, connect with each other and to thank attendees for their donations. Jacobs said he hopes it will be a “fun evening without all the sitting around.”

Providing music for the night is DJ Steph Floss. There will be five open bars throughout the space. A Ben-Gurion Society reception will take place before the event for those ages 22 to 45 who commit to a minimum gift of $1,000 to the campaign. 

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