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Noura Erakat book claims that the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be understood through a settler-colonial framework; the international community has failed Palestinians by bending the laws in favor of the Jews; and attempts should be made to prosecute Israeli veterans for war crimes,” wrote CAMERA campus advisor Yoni Michanie.

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“I tell students that school is giving them their playbooks of how to ‘win,’ with tests in history, language and math. I tell them that they must be a student first, then an athlete,” according to program founder Erez Lustig, who says football can be a vehicle for education.

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It seeks to hold the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, also known as the Education for a Just Peace in the Middle East, liable for conspiring to provide financial aid and other assistance to Palestinian terror groups that make up the Boycott National Committee, which leads the BDS movement.

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The tension with Gaza may have created greater political dissonance, with Blue and White No. 2 Yair Lapid saying that giving Palestinian Islamic Jihad their demands after they shot more than 450 rockets into the Jewish state means that in the next round, “Hamas cannot sit on the side.”

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