Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, Calif., announced April 2 it notified Dr. Lara Kollab on March 15 that her position as a post-graduate year 1 resident in the hospital’s internal medicine residency program has been withdrawn, effective immediately.

Kollab was fired from her residency at Cleveland Clinic in September 2018. On Dec. 31, 2018, the anonymous online group Canary Mission shared screenshots from her Twitter account, some of which depicted old tweets that were anti-Semitic in nature and the Cleveland Clinic admitted Jan. 2 that Kollab’s firing was due to the social media activity.

Miranda Whitworth, manager of communications and public relations for Kern Medical, confirmed to the Cleveland Jewish News that Kollab’s position was withdrawn and said she had not yet worked for Kern Medical or even been on the campus, to Whitworth’s knowledge. 

According to a statement from Kern Medical, the hospital determined Kollab breached her match participant agreement when she submitted information that was “false, misleading and incomplete to Kern Medical during the interview and match process.”

“Kern Medical is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our patients and expects the highest level of integrity and compassion from our staff,” said a statement from Kern Medical. “We look forward to welcoming our new class of residents and working with them to bring an exceptional level of care to all of our patients, regardless of race, religious background or social standing.”

Whitworth could not comment on the information Kollab submitted to the hospital due to privacy regulations. Whitworth also said she could not comment on the match process, a nationwide program performed by the National Resident Matching Program, in which the hospital participates. A representative for the National Resident Matching Program did not return calls seeking clarification on the process. It is unclear when Kollab went through the match process or filled out the information submitted to Kern Medical.

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