Michael Dylan Brennan, an attorney who has never held elected office before, in a close race defeated Mayor Susan K. Infeld in University Heights on Nov. 7.

According to final, unofficial results from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, Brennan received 1,546 votes, or 51 percent, and Infeld received 1,492 votes, 49 percent.

Brennan said he wants to thank his supporters and team who helped him build an “idea-based” campaign that won, as well as city council members who backed him. He said he believed his message resonated with voters because of its focus on economic redevelopment and lowering taxes. 

“I think our feeling that we live in a great city that has not taken full advantage of the opportunity and resources here resonated,” he said. 

“I think people do feel that they pay a lot in taxes for what they get – that we have great city services, but that they do pay a premium perhaps a little more than they have to to get them. We’ve had historically budget surpluses, we have money in the bank, we don’t have to tax our residents as much as we do to give them the services they expect and deserve.” 

Infeld said she wishes Brennan well as mayor and she continues to want the best for the city.

“I really enjoyed my time as mayor of the city of University Heights and I wish my successor every success,” Infeld said.

Brennan, who has his own law office, said he has transitional things to take care of for his clients on a case-by-case basis, but is now preparing for his swearing in in early January and the first initiatives he will take on as mayor. 

“I think one of the very first priorities is, with respect for transparency, city council budgeted some time ago for the videoing of our city meetings – city council meetings in particular – and as a matter of transparency and for the ease of all of our residents to feel closer to what’s going on,” Brennan said of beginning to pursue his vision for “an improved city that moves forward, a sustainable city, and one that we will shape for decades to come.”

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