Finalists have been announced in the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors' 2016 newspaper contest.

The awards in actual order of finish — first, second and third places — will be announced at the Ohio APME annual awards banquet May 21 in Columbus. The General Excellence and First Amendment winners also will be announced at the meeting.

Sixty-seven daily newspapers submitted 2,084 entries in the contest, which featured news and sports stories, features, editorials, columns, graphics and photos from 2016.

Entries were judged by editors from The Detroit (Michigan)News, Division V; Digital First Media, Pontiac, Michigan, Division IV; the Loveland (Colorado) Reporter-Herald and The Paducah (Kentucky) Sun, Division III; the San Angelo (Texas) Standard-Times and the Cadillac (Michigan) News, Division II; The News-Dispatch, Michigan City, Indiana and the Ludington (Michigan) Daily News, Division I.

The Associated Press is a not-for-profit news cooperative representing 1,400newspapers and 5,000 broadcast stations in the United States.

Finalists in the 2016 Ohio APME newspaper contest:

Division V, Newspapers with a daily circulation more than 60,000:

Best Headline Writer: Skip Hall, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; Joe Kiefer, The Columbus Dispatch; Mark J. Price, Akron Beacon Journal.

Best Business Writer: Alex Coolidge, The Cincinnati Enquirer; Ben Sutherly, The Columbus Dispatch; Randy Tucker, Dayton Daily News.

Best Columnist: Keith Burris, The (Toledo) Blade; Theodore Decker, The Columbus Dispatch; Chris Graves, The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Best Editorial Writer: Keith Burris, The (Toledo) Blade; Barbara Carmen, The Columbus Dispatch; Glenn Sheller, The Columbus Dispatch.

Best Feature Writer: Terry DeMio, The Cincinnati Enquirer; Rita Price, The Columbus Dispatch; Holly Zachariah, The Columbus Dispatch.

Best Graphics Artist: Justin Gilbert, The Columbus Dispatch; Tony Lariccia, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; Michael Nyerges, The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Best Sports Columnist: Paul Daugherty, The Cincinnati Enquirer; Bill Livingston, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; Terry Pluto, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

Best Sports Feature Writer: Tom Archdeacon, Dayton Daily News; Jim Owczarski, The Cincinnati Enquirer; Tom Reed, The Columbus Dispatch.

Best Sports Writer: Tom Archdeacon, Dayton Daily News; David Briggs, The (Toledo) Blade; Terry Pluto, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

Best Photographer: Andy Morrison, The (Toledo) Blade; Chris Stewart, Dayton Daily News; Jeremy Wadsworth, The (Toledo) Blade.

Best News Writer: John Caniglia, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; Amanda Garrett, Akron Beacon Journal; Chrissie Thompson, The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Best Sports Enterprise: Nicholas Piotrowicz, The (Toledo) Blade, "MAC Schools' Cost of Athletics up 75% over Last 10 Years; UT, BG Student Fees Subsidize Least"; Tom Reed, The Columbus Dispatch, "Concussions and Women"; Mike Wagner, The Columbus Dispatch, "Gentle Giant."

Best Special Sports Section: The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "Rio2016"; The (Toledo) Blade, "Marathon LPGA Classic 2016"; The Cincinnati Enquirer, "The Kid's in the Hall."

Best Daily Sports Section: Dayton Daily News; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; The Columbus Dispatch.

Best Illustration or Informational Graphic: Justin Gilbert, The Columbus Dispatch, "New Chapter for Main Library"; Andrea Levy, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "The Task at Hand - RNC Preview"; Michael Nyerges, The Cincinnati Enquirer, "The Pike County Killings: A Closer Look."

Best News Photo: Adam Cairns, The Columbus Dispatch, "John Glenn"; Mike Cardew, Akron Beacon Journal, "Selfie @ RNC"; Jonathan Quilter, The Columbus Dispatch, "Council Protest."

Best Feature Photo: Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Dispatch, "Doo Dah"; Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Dispatch, "Sleeping Farmer"; Amanda Rossmann, The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Reflections ."

Best Sports Photo: Chuck Crow, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "Champagne Celebration"; Marvin Fong, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "OSU vs. Michigan"; Kyle Robertson, The Columbus Dispatch, "Hugging Catch."

Best Photo Story: Lynn Ischay, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "Milan's New Eye"; Andy Morrison, The (Toledo) Blade, "Homeless Woman Still has Her Dog, Cow"; Meg Vogel, The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Finding Home."

Best Video: Doral Chenoweth, The Columbus Dispatch, "Heroin's Hold: Couple's Life Overtaken by Need for Drug"; Meg Vogel and Hannah Sparling, The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Finding Home: A 12-Year-Old Boy's Search in the Midst of War"; Amy E. Voigt, The (Toledo) Blade, "One Year Out."

Best Public Service: Akron Beacon Journal, "Heroin -- Ending the Silence"; The (Toledo) Blade, "Ohioans View on Trade Agreements, Jobs, the Economy and Who Should be President"; The Columbus Dispatch, "Heroin's Hold on Us."

Best Spot News Coverage: The (Toledo) Blade, "The Abduction and Murder of Sierah Joughin"; The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Pike County Killings"; The Columbus Dispatch, "OSU Attack."

Best Explanatory Reporting: Kara Driscoll, Dayton Daily News, "Lead Problems in Water"; Olivera Perkins and Marcia Pledger, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "Heart of Steel: A Cleveland Survival Story"; Chris Stewart, Dayton Daily News, "Benefits Battle."

Best Enterprise Reporting: Hannah Sparling and Meg Vogel, The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Finding Home"; Chris Stewart, Dayton Daily News, "The Opioid War"; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "Pathways to Peace."

Best Investigative Reporting: Dan Horn and Sharon Coolidge, The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Metropolitan Sewer District"; Holly Zachariah and Ben Sutherly, The Columbus Dispatch, "Inside Job"; The Columbus Dispatch, "BCI Problems ."

Best Full Page Design: Josh Crutchmer, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "Believe It"; Rebecca Markovitz and Timothy Riethmiller, The Cincinnati Enquirer, "The Toll of Hate"; Jane Mitchell and Andrea Levy, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, "Fall Movies."

Best Digital Presence: The (Toledo) Blade; The Cincinnati Enquirer; The Columbus Dispatch.

Division IV, Newspapers with a daily circulation of 19,000 to 59,999:

Best Headline Writer: Matt Arnold, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Marty Greenstein, The Canton Repository; David Trinko, The Lima News.

Best Business Writer: John Bush, The Lima News; Shane Hoover, The Canton Repository; Lou Wilin, The (Findlay) Courier.

Best Columnist: Bertram DeSouza, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Charita Goshay, The Canton Repository; David Skolnick, The (Youngstown) Vindicator.

Best Editorial Writer: Bertram DeSouza, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; David Trinko, The Lima News; Andy Young, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram.

Best Feature Writer: Brenna Griteman, The (Findlay) Courier; Vince Guerrieri, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram; Shane Hoover, The Canton Repository.

Best Graphics Artist: BJ Lisko, The Canton Repository; Robert McFerren, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Brittney Trojanowski, Warren Tribune Chronicle.

Best Sports Columnist: Jim Naveau, The Lima News; Joe Simon, Warren Tribune Chronicle; Josh Weir, The Canton Repository.

Best Sports Feature Writer: Jim Naveau, The Lima News; Scott Petrak, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram; Joe Simon, Warren Tribune Chronicle.

Best Sports Writer: Jamie Baker, The (Findlay) Courier; Joe Scalzo, The Canton Repository; Tom Usher, The Lima News.

Best Photographer: Scott Heckel, The Canton Repository; William Lewis, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Richard Parrish, The Lima News.

Best News Writer: Kelly Byer, The Canton Repository; Kelli Weir, The Canton Repository; Lou Wilin, The (Findlay) Courier.

Best Sports Enterprise: Charles Grove and Bill Lewis, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Football Powerhouse Adds First Girl to Roster"; Dave Hanneman, The (Findlay) Courier, "Less Drops in the Bucket"; The Canton Repository, "Stark County HS Sports Icons ."

Best Special Sports Section: The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram, "High School Football Preview"; The Canton Repository, "2017 High School Football Preview"; The Canton Repository, "Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees 2017."

Best Daily Sports Section: The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram; The (Findlay) Courier; The Canton Repository.

Best Illustration or Informational Graphic: Bob Kast, The Canton Repository, "Taking Flight: Inside Akron-Canton Airport"; David Manley, The Canton Repository, "Presidential Endorsements"; Robert McFerren, The (Youngstown) Vindicator.

Best News Photo: Scott Heckel, The Canton Repository, "Casino Shooting"; Scott Heckel, The Canton Repository, "Dog Saved from Fire"; Craig J. Orosz, The Lima News, "Tight Squeeze."

Best Feature Photo: Kristin Bauer, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram, "Hallelujah"; Bruce Bishop, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram, "Summer Fun"; Randy Roberts, The (Findlay) Courier, "Veterans Day."

Best Sports Photo: David Dermer, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Winner"; Nikos Frazier, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Hat Trick!"; Richard Parrish, The Lima News, "Shawnee Rebounds."

Best Photo Story: Kristin Bauer, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram, "Life With Hurler Syndrome: Deja Vu"; Bruce Bishop, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram, "Republican National Convention"; Bob Rossiter, The Canton Repository, "World Series."

Best Video: Kevin Bean, The (Findlay) Courier, "A Glass Act"; Sean Ferguson and Dan Wengdt, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "50 Years of Lordstown"; William Lewis, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Football Spirit."

Best Public Service: Brad Dicken, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram, "Water Authority Proposes New Media Rules"; Kalea Hall and Amanda Tonoli, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Mystery Shrouds Neglected Cemetery"; The Canton Repository, "Kent State Stark Dean Search."

Best Spot News Coverage: Renee Fox and Guy Vogrin, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Hammer Drops on Infante"; The Canton Repository, "Hall of Fame Game Cancellation"; The Canton Repository, "Sordid Past for Accused Rapist."

Best Explanatory Reporting: Shane Hoover, The Canton Repository, "Ozone Season is Here"; Lisa Roberson, The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram, "Elyria Water: Quality Control"; David Skolnick, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Blue Collar Voters for Trump."

Best Enterprise Reporting: Kelly Byer, The Canton Repository, "Community Policing"; Justin Wier, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Getting Better at the Blight Fight"; The Lima News, "Lima in Black and White."

Best Investigative Reporting: Ed Balint and Alison Matas, The Canton Repository, "Too Many Deals in Stark?"; Ed Runyan, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Warren Water"; Guy Vogrin, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Who Do You Know?."

Best Full Page Design: BJ Lisko, The Canton Repository, "Tribe Time"; Brittney Trojanowski, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Globetrotters"; Amanda Vanness and Jim Krumel, The Lima News, "Cleveland Indians: 2016 American League Champs."

Best Digital Presence: The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram; The (Youngstown) Vindicator; The Canton Repository.

Division III, Newspapers with a daily circulation of 12,000 to 18,999:

Best Headline Writer: Bruce Hefflinger, The (Defiance) Crescent-News; Mike Schaffer, Sandusky Register; Jeff Verbus, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter.

Best Business Writer: Linda Martz, Mansfield News Journal; Matt Sanctis, Springfield News-Sun; Eric Schwartzberg, Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News.

Best Columnist: Gere Goble, Mansfield News Journal; Taryn Lawson, The (Defiance) Crescent-News; Melissa Griffy Seeton, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter.

Best Editorial Writer: Roger Di Paolo, Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier; Melissa Griffy Seeton and Hank Keathley, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter; Matt Westerhold, Sandusky Register.

Best Feature Writer: Mark Caudill, Mansfield News Journal; Rick McCrabb, Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News; Andy Ouriel, Sandusky Register.

Best Graphics Artist: Nick Davis, Sandusky Register; Karen Gidcumb, Sandusky Register; Sean Linhart, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter.

Best Sports Columnist: Mark Hazelwood, Sandusky Register; Bruce Hefflinger, The (Defiance) Crescent-News; Jon Spencer, Mansfield News Journal.

Best Sports Feature Writer: Jim Haynes, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter; Mark Hazelwood, Sandusky Register; Jon Spencer, Mansfield News Journal.

Best Sports Writer: Connor Casey, Mansfield News Journal; Roger Metzger, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter; Jon Spencer, Mansfield News Journal.

Best Photographer: Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun; Erin McLaughlin, Sandusky Register; Lisa Scalfaro, Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier.

Best News Writer: Jon Baker, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter; Jona Ison, Mansfield News Journal; Alex Knisely, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter.

Best Sports Enterprise: Bruce Hefflinger, The (Defiance) Crescent-News, "Bruce Hefflinger Sports Enterprise"; Tom Nader, Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier, "Champions"; Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier, "Varsity All-Stars."

Best Special Sports Section: Mark Hazelwood, Sandusky Register, "Orlando Pace Comes Home"; Tom Nader, Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier, "High School Football Preview"; The (Defiance) Crescent-News, "C-N Best Special Sports Section."

Best Daily Sports Section: Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier; Mansfield News Journal; The (Defiance) Crescent-News.

Best Illustration or Informational Graphic: Nick Davis, Sandusky Register, "Cedar Point Coasters"; Bob Kast, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter, "Water rates"; Sean Linhart, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter, "John Glenn tribute."

Best News Photo: Erin McLaughlin, Sandusky Register, "In a Ditch"; Jason J. Molyet, Mansfield News Journal, "Agonizing Verdict"; Jason J. Molyet, Mansfield News Journal, "Regrets."

Best Feature Photo: Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun, "Mud Run"; Greg Lynch, Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News, "Peace walk"; Lisa Scalfaro, Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier, "On the Clock Selfie."

Best Sports Photo: Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun, "Kayaker"; Greg Lynch, Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News, "Fairfield Football"; Brian J. Smith, Mansfield News Journal, "A Trip and a Fall."

Best Photo Story: Pat Burk, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter, "Back to School"; Jason Werling, Sandusky Register, "On Pace for the Hall of Fame"; The (Defiance) Crescent-News, "Tornado Damage."

Best Video: Jon Baker, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter, "Bees Invade The T-R"; Jilly Burns, Sandusky Register, "World War II Paratrooper Recounts his Service"; Mark Froelich, The (Defiance) Crescent-News, "The Tim & Chuck Show."

Best Public Service: Courtney Astolfi, Sandusky Register, "Good Journalism Lands Sheriff in Prison"; Michael Cooper, Springfield News-Sun, "Healthy Springfield"; Parker Perry, Springfield News-Sun, "Bethany's Story."

Best Spot News Coverage: Jon Baker and Nancy Molnar, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter, "Killing in Midvale"; Lou Whitmire and Courtney Day, Mansfield News Journal, "Lou Whitmire and Courtney Day"; Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News, "Madison High School Shooting."

Best Explanatory Reporting: Courtney Day, Mansfield News Journal, "Mansfield City Schools Coverage"; Andy Ouriel, Sandusky Register, "For Sale: Sandusky City Hall on the Move"; Michael Pitman, Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News, "8th Congressional District Seat."

Best Enterprise Reporting: Nancy Molnar, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter, "Recovery From Addiction Series"; Patrick Pfanner, Sandusky Register, "Dying for Drugs"; Mansfield News Journal, "Overdosed: Frontline Stories."

Best Investigative Reporting: Jona Ison, Mansfield News Journal, "Ohio Doesn't Know Who it Has on Probation"; Andy Ouriel, Sandusky Register, "The Conviction of Former Vermilion Police Officer Aaron Bolton"; Matt Sanctis, Springfield News-Sun, "Dole Listeria."

Best Full Page Design: Nick Davis, Sandusky Register, "Big Finale"; Nick Davis, Sandusky Register, "Lightning Strikes Twice"; Joe Giampietro, The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times-Reporter.

Best Digital Presence: Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News; Mansfield News Journal; Springfield News-Sun.

Division II, Newspapers with a daily circulation of 8,000 to 11,999:

Best Headline Writer: Nancy Allen, The (Celina) Daily Standard; Tom Millhouse, The (Celina) Daily Standard; Chris Slone, Portsmouth Daily Times.

Best Business Writer: Hayden Kull, Zanesville Times Recorder; Steve Robb, The Athens Messenger; Patricia Ann Speelman, The Sidney Daily News.

Best Columnist: Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News; Regina Brett, Cleveland Jewish News; Joe Higgins, The Athens Messenger.

Best Editorial Writer: Pam James, Zanesville Times Recorder; Michael Shearer, The (Newark) Advocate; Dorma J. Tolson, Lisbon Morning Journal.

Best Feature Writer: Tyler Buchanan, The Athens Messenger; Shelley Hanson, The (Martins Ferry) Times Leader; William Kincaid, The (Celina) Daily Standard.

Best Graphics Artist: Jon Larson, Cleveland Jewish News; Stephen Valentine, Cleveland Jewish News; Josh Wilder, The Athens Messenger.

Best Sports Columnist: Jason Arkley, The Athens Messenger; Les Levine, Cleveland Jewish News; Dave Ross, The Sidney Daily News.

Best Sports Feature Writer: Jason Arkley, The Athens Messenger; Albert Grindle, The Medina Gazette; Rick Thorp, The (Martins Ferry) Times Leader.

Best Sports Writer: Jason Arkley, The Athens Messenger; Rick Noland, The Medina Gazette; Kevin Wiseman, The Athens Messenger.

Best Photographer: Jessica Phelps, The (Newark) Advocate; Mark Pummell, The (Celina) Daily Standard; Patricia Schaeffer, Lisbon Morning Journal.

Best News Writer: Bethany Bruner, The (Newark) Advocate; Janell Hunter, The (Martins Ferry) Times Leader; Steve Robb, The Athens Messenger.

Best Sports Enterprise: Joe Catullo, Lisbon Morning Journal, "Sebring Water Crisis"; Kurt Snyder, The (Newark) Advocate, "Debate Continues Over Pitch Count vs. Innings Limit"; Matt Wagner, The (Ashtabula) Star Beacon, "The Evolution of an Event."

Best Special Sports Section: Albert Grindle, The Medina Gazette, "Gazette Football Preview"; Matt Wagner, The (Ashtabula) Star Beacon, "High School Football Tab"; Lisbon Morning Journal, "Morning Journal Football Preview."

Best Daily Sports Section: Lisbon Morning Journal; The Athens Messenger; The Medina Gazette.

Best Illustration or Informational Graphic: Ed Betzel, The Medina Gazette, "Nexus Pipeline Route Approved"; Reuben Mees, Bellefontaine Examiner, "Wind turbine map"; Lillian Messner, Cleveland Jewish News, "B'nai Jeshurun 150 Year Anniversary Timeline."

Best News Photo: Mike Lehmkuhle, The (Newark) Advocate, "River Rescue"; Patricia Schaeffer, Lisbon Morning Journal, "Hot Weekend"; Sara Tobias, The (Newark) Advocate, "Officer Struggle."

Best Feature Photo: John Halley, The Athens Messenger; Mark Pummell, The (Celina) Daily Standard, "Halftime Show"; Mark Pummell, The (Celina) Daily Standard, "Petting Zoo."

Best Sports Photo: Chris Crook, Zanesville Times Recorder, "Slide Surprise"; Shane Flanigan, Zanesville Times Recorder, "Face Tag"; Luke Gronneberg, The Sidney Daily News, "D-4 State Champions Again."

Best Photo Story: Jessica Phelps, The (Newark) Advocate, "Redefining Tom"; Jessica Phelps, The (Newark) Advocate, "The View from Phoenix"; Patricia Schaeffer, Lisbon Morning Journal, "Bull on the lam."

Best Video: Noelle Bye, Cleveland Jewish News, "Milton Maltz Interview"; Jessica Phelps, The (Newark) Advocate, "Talking About Race in Licking County"; Kurt Snyder, The (Newark) Advocate, "Newark Catholic Earns Regional Title."

Best Public Service: Lisbon Morning Journal, "Sunshine Week"; The Medina Gazette, "Not in our Backyards: Battle Over the Nexus Pipeline."

Best Spot News Coverage: Joe Higgins, The Athens Messenger, "Prison Escape"; Alexandra Newman, The Sidney Daily News, "JC Police Chief Arrested"; Zanesville Times Recorder, "Murder of Homeless Man."

Best Explanatory Reporting: Tyler Buchanan, The Athens Messenger, "Visit from Clinton"; Casey Junkins, The (Martins Ferry) Times Leader, "Smithfield Voters to Decide Fate of Village"; Marina Malenic and Elizabeth Dobbins, The Medina Gazette, "Census Paints Portrait of Communities."

Best Enterprise Reporting: Reuben Mees, Bellefontaine Examiner, "Wind Development"; Kristen Mott, Cleveland Jewish News, "BDS on Ohio Campuses: Fading, Morphing"; Sydney Murray, The (Newark) Advocate, "Dementia: When the Child Becomes the Parent."

Best Investigative Reporting: Larry Di Giovanni, The Athens Messenger, "Tenants to be Re-housed During $9M Remodeling Project"; Eric Lagatta, Zanesville Times Recorder, "Diversity in Law Enforcement"; Kate Snyder, Zanesville Times Recorder, "Harmony's Death: Family Seeks Answers in 2-year-old's Death."

Best Full Page Design: Ryan Gillis, Lisbon Morning Journal, "King of the Monsters"; Scott Kline, The Medina Gazette, "Peak Experience"; Zanesville Times Recorder.

Best Digital Presence: Cleveland Jewish News; The (Newark) Advocate; Zanesville Times Recorder.

Division I, Newspapers with a daily circulation up to 7,999:

Best Headline Writer: Tom Barr, Wilmington News Journal; Victoria Dugger, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune; Marty Greenstein, The (Massillon) Independent.

Best Business Writer: Andrea Chaffin, The (London) Madison Press; Joshua Keeran, Urbana Daily Citizen; Debbie Rogers, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune.

Best Columnist: Gary Abernathy, Hillsboro Times-Gazette; Belinda Paschal, Piqua Daily Call; Beth Sergent, Gallipolis Daily Tribune.

Best Editorial Writer: Rob Weaver, The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune; David Yonke, The (Fremont) News-Messenger; Kate York, The Marietta Times.

Best Feature Writer: Chris Balusik, Chillicothe Gazette; Cecilia Fox, Troy Daily News; Audrey Ingram, The (London) Madison Press.

Best Graphics Artist: Erin O'Neill, The Marietta Times; Kandi Thompson, The Ironton Tribune.

Best Sports Columnist: John Bombatch, Fairborn Daily Herald; Ron Johnston, The Marietta Times; Robert McCurdy, The Marion Star.

Best Sports Feature Writer: Chris Easterling, The (Massillon) Independent; Robert McCurdy, The Marion Star; Joe Mitchin, The (Massillon) Independent.

Best Sports Writer: David Fong, Troy Daily News; Brad Morris, Circleville Herald; Tom Wilson, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

Best Photographer: Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger; Morgan Manns, The (Fostoria) Review Times.

Best News Writer: Alex Aspacher, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune; Jennifer Bahney, Circleville Herald; Spencer Remoquillo, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

Best Sports Enterprise: John Bombatch, Xenia Daily Gazette, "Following Grace Norman Through the Olympics"; Robert McCurdy, The Marion Star, "Remembering the Irish"; Justin Miller, Urbana Daily Citizen, "#johnstrong: The Road to Recovery."

Best Special Sports Section: Matthew Horn and Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Fall Football Preview 2016"; The (Massillon) Independent, "High School Football Preview"; The (Massillon) Independent, "The Rivalry."

Best Daily Sports Section: Josh Brown and David Fong, Troy Daily News; Rob McCurdy, The Marion Star; The (Massillon) Independent.

Best Illustration or Informational Graphic: Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Sheridan Sidewalks Sparse"; Jess Grimm, Chillicothe Gazette, "Ross County's Aces"; Kandi Thompson, The Ironton Tribune, "Property Values."

Best News Photo: Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Fire Destroys Hideaway Hills Home"; Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Hundreds of Pigs Rescued from Crash"; JD Pooley, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, "Woman's Body Exhumed."

Best Feature Photo: Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Tae's story: 4-Year-Old Fights Brain Cancer"; Jessica St. James, The Ironton Tribune, "Last Goodbye for Aaron Christian"; Don Tate, Fairborn Daily Herald, "Air Show Takes Flight."

Best Sports Photo: Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Falcons Clinch First League Title Since 1988"; Brad Morris, Circleville Herald, "Outright Champs"; JD Pooley, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, "Safe at Home."

Best Photo Story: Molly Corfman, Port Clinton News-Herald, "A Difficult Journey: Tae, 5, Fights Brain Cancer"; Molly Corfman, Port Clinton News-Herald, "Tae's Story: Four-Year-Old Fights Brain Cancer"; Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Heroin: Face of Addiction."

Best Video: Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Horse Paints Way into Woman's Heart"; Molly Corfman, Port Clinton News-Herald, "A Difficult Journey: Tae, 5, Fights Brain Cancer"; Molly Corfman, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Richie's Story: From Heroin to Hope."

Best Public Service: Tom Barr and Jayla Wallingford, Wilmington News Journal, "Honor Flight Section"; Daniel Carson, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Homelessness in Sandusky County"; Michael Throne, Chillicothe Gazette, "A Community Intervention."

Best Spot News Coverage: Daniel Carson, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Brother Stabs Brother in Argument"; Amy Knapp and Christina McCune, The (Massillon) Independent, "Wendy's Fire"; Janelle Patterson, The Marietta Times, "Downtown OD."

Best Explanatory Reporting: Daniel Carson, Port Clinton News-Herald, "Tae: The Little Soldier"; Amy Knapp, The (Massillon) Independent, "Massillon City Schools Bond Issue"; The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune, "Harm and hope."

Best Enterprise Reporting: Daniel Carson, Port Clinton News-Herald, "World War II: In Their Own Words"; Daniel Carson, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Heroin in Sandusky County"; The Marietta Times, "Hooked: Heroin in the Valley."

Best Investigative Reporting: Gary Abernathy, Hillsboro Times-Gazette, "The Mayor Drew Hastings Case"; Daniel Carson, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, "Police Chiefs Angry at Overmyer"; Spencer Remoquillo, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Former Firefighter Speaks out on Firing."

Best Full Page Design: Marty Greenstein, The (Massillon) Independent; Chillicothe Gazette, "39 Dead"; Port Clinton News-Herald, "Godspeed, John Glenn."

Best Digital Presence: Chillicothe Gazette; The (Fostoria) Review Times; The (Massillon) Independent.

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