A global crisis, cries for help, the pursuit of a better life, words that are tirelessly stated by voices of so many, yet, are heard by so few. They say that history repeats itself, a saying that is taught a young age in hopes of enlightening the next generation to beware of the mistakes from the past, in order to create a better future.

To those who study history, the saying is interpreted to be what one makes it to be, and if history were to make any lesson transparent, it would be that Immigration equals opportunity.

Immigration has always been a global controversy and now more than ever is looked at as a global crisis. The battle to inform starts in our own backyard. The United States has always been that “poster child” that signals a beacon of hope to people in despair on every corner of the planet looking to escape poverty, war, and persecution in search for a better life. 68.5 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide and of that 68.5 million, 40 million are internally displaced, 25.4 million are refugees, and 3.1 million are asylum seekers.

The numbers are at an all-time high and continue to grow daily. The global powers are struggling with the moral compass of helping fellow humans or protecting their borders and citizens.

Concerns of national security, financial resolutions and infrastructure all play an essential role in finding a solution. The world looks on as nearly 45,000 people per day are forced to leave their homes because of conflict and persecution. It becomes easy to watch as the struggle ensues for many. The goal is not to be amongst the crowd rather being in the thick of the action as part of the solution. The situation is immigration, the problem is global conflict, the solution is the global community, and the first step is awareness. The world glass is always looked at as half empty, why not pursue the solution to make it half full.

The appearance is a two-front movement with Latin American’s, Central American’s and people of the Caribbean seeking refuge in the United States. On the other front you have people escaping Africa and the middle east, most commonly, the Syrian Civil War. The solution lies in the global community with both recognition and the ability to become a role player rather than a bystander. To support the claim that the solution lies within us as a global community we need to look back on the saying, that history repeats itself. The perfect example is the holocaust during the second world war. 6 million Jews perished in order for the Fascist regime under Adolf Hitler to advance their agenda.

Many of these 6 million Jews sought to seek refuge around other parts of the globe, including the United States. Unfortunately, we did not recognize the real danger that these people were in and decided to follow our own agenda and send the ships right back to Europe to their ultimate deaths. The moral of this snippet of history is if we as a global community do a better job of recognizing people in need sooner rather than lat-er, we can be a part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem.

There are millions of people in need of help to find a better life every single day. The struggle of escaping violence, persecution, economic disaster or even just more opportunity is real for many people. Though there are many unique ideas for solutions to solve the crisis, each idea starts with the same steps, recognizing the situation is immigration, the problem is global conflict, the solution is the global community and the first step is awareness.

The process towards finding a solution that can benefit all parties involved will take time, dedication from those who are involved and cooperation with each other.Together we can make the world a better place for all.

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