I read with horror the front-page article by Andrew Zashin describing his death-defying drive through East Jerusalem. (“Death Defying Drive,”) Oct. 28) I can’t believe that both his hosts and the car owner did not strongly warn him about driving a car with an Israeli license plate through East Jerusalem. Nevertheless, it should not have happened and there is absolutely no excuse for the actions of the Palestinians he upset.

I am surprised he could not understand what upset them. And, as he reflected on his experience, could he imagine what would happen to a Palestinian if, in taking the shortest route to his relatives, he were to cut through a settlement with a Palestinian license on his car? Does he not think that Palestinians would react the same way Jews would in the same circumstance? Only the Palestinians driving through a settlement would probably not just be pelted with stones and rocks, but have their car confiscated permanently and all passengers would be imprisoned for goodness knows how long.

What this article seemed intended to do was promote anger toward the Palestinians. Was that one of your paper’s goals? Would it not be better to have articles in your paper that promoted peace and justice? I challenge you to consider ways to use your paper to work toward better relationships with the American Jewish community and the Palestinians and Jews in both Israel and Palestine.

Emily Schornstein


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