Despite claims to the contrary, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and its supports are entirely about bigotry. They are no different than the Nazis and Brownshirts of Germany in the 1930s. They target only Jews with claims of our evilness. In reality, they are trying to destroy the Jewish pople and now our homeland with false claims. BDS is about telling half-truths and outright lies to hide the reality that it is the Arabs who refuse peace.

If the Arabs really wanted peace, they would stop teaching anti-Jewish hate in their schools and they would come to peace negotiations with fair and legitimate offers. They would acknowledge that the Jewish people never left Israel and Judea, although our governments were destroyed. We have a rightful claim to all of our lands, going back thousands of years. There never was a ‘Palestinian’ people, only the Roman, the Ottomans and the British overseers occupying the Jewish lands. The Arabs came in swarms during World War II to support their Nazi masters and burned Jewish homes to steal land.

If you want a fair BDS, then boycott the Arab countires that murdered their Jews and stole the land and property. Boycott the Arabs who want only murder for the joy they get out of it like Sadam Hussein, Hamas and Hezbollah.

All of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, for it was given by God.

Norman Samuels


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