There is definitely no shortage of false narratives, misinformation, deception and lies being forced down our throats every day by the biased, leftist main street media, Big government, the deep state, big tech, big corporate, and their anti-American, Socialist comrades.

What are the direct results? Virtual signaling, intimidation, suppression, which result in the diminishing of our basic rights, unjust, knee-jerk cancel culture, boycotts, increased racial divide, discrimination, lawlessness and violence. One of many examples is all the hysteria over the politically correct, woke mob actions of the controversial Major League Baseball ripping the All-Star Game from Georgia and moving it to Colorado, following President Joe Biden conveniently using the race card again, falsely calling Georgia’s voter laws “Jim Crow on steroids.”

This is an obvious attempt to federalize Georgia’s state voter laws. He knows the mainstream media, et al, will provide him cover, and whoever disagrees with him will automatically be labeled “racist.” How many of the so-called woke mob realize it was actually the Democrat Party that wrote the racist Jim Crow Laws, and that Biden has a history of being a segregationist and racist, and has been known to consistently distort the facts? Biden is using and stereotyping Blacks as if they are not smart enough to acquire an ID.

We the people, need to open our eyes and see how dangerous the radical left is before it’s too late. If we let them get away with their continuous tyranny, they will achieve their goal of destroying America from within.

Joel Weiner

Mayfield Heights

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