Beachwood deserves the leadership of Justin Berns.

After reading the statement submitted via email to the Cleveland Jewish News by incumbent Mayor Martin S. Horowitz in the Sept. 24 issue to wit: “I built two schools, remodeled three schools, created Ohio’s first wireless middle school and Ohio’s first one-to-one laptop program,” he wrote.”

I was struck by his taking singular credit for a number of major undertakings by the Beachwood Schools during his tenure as one of four other Beachwood School Board members. While we all know there is no ”I” in team, there appears to be no “team” in Horwitz. The failure to appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of the many people who make any major public project a reality is poor leadership.

The best leaders know how to demonstrate sincere gratitude as well as appropriate conduct in the workplace. Berns’ long history of success in business is evidence of his leadership abilities.

Marvin Sable


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