During my tenure as the Beachwood High School PTO president, I had the privilege of working with Justin Berns, who was president of the elementary PTO at that time. He accepted the role out of extreme need and necessity, as there were so many volunteer responsibilities, activities, programs and actions requiring coordination, with no one else to take the lead.

So, in addition to working full time, Berns undertook the leadership role, where he identified needs, designed programs, protocols and budgets, communicated with administrators and schools, elicited volunteers, worked side-by-side with volunteers and evaluated the outcomes of each program and service he administered.

In this role, he also helped to coordinate the merger between elementary and high school PTO. In doing so, he increased volunteerism, increased programming, improved coordination and communication and reduced expenditures. As a result of his leadership, Justin’s PTO organization was able to administer extensive programs and services and leave a large sum of money available for the upcoming PTO to use for the children of Beachwood.

Berns was a tremendous help to the schools and the children before it was popular to do so, and he has continued to serve his community endlessly throughout the years. He is extremely smart, analytical, hard working, professional, respectful and he works great as part of a team. We would be extremely lucky to have him as our mayor. Please join me in voting for Berns for mayor this fall.

Debbie Harris


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