I have known Beachwood City Councilman Justin Berns for many years, and know him to be fair, just and thoughtful. I know that he would not harass women, or for that matter, anyone with whom he works or with whom he is in contact. I have observed Berns demonstrate great respect and fairness to others throughout his career.

His attitude and approach to his leadership style does not resemble that of men from a previous era when it was more commonplace to belittle, insult or take advantage of women. Berns commands respect for himself and for those around him. As such, he would create a safe, professional and caring environment, which would promote growth, restore morale and eliminate negative perceptions of the city.

In contrast, what we observed in the current administration is appalling. As a woman, I am disheartened by the actions of the current mayor, and disappointed by any female resident of our city who has learned of the mayor’s actions and still supports him. To commit these acts and then choose to blame the city council shows a lack of leadership, accountability and insight into the effect of his behaviors.

It is imperative that women are given the same respect as men. I know that Berns will treat all those around him, including women, with thoughtfulness, respect and professionalism. These are qualities which are imperative to the success of the city’s administration. Please join me in restoring positive, honest leadership by voting for Berns for mayor.

Lori Bohm


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